Monday, 30 July 2012

A Blast from the Past (3)

LS 1/1 Nambu

This is the Japanese Type 14 Nambu pistol - an improvement on the Type A Nambu pistol.  It used a low pressure 8mm cartridge which was less powerful than most allied pistols, but the reduction in recoil meant that it was also very accurate.  The pistol was issued to Japanese non-commissioned officers.

Produced in the same coloured plastic and metal parts as the other kits in the LS range and again needing cyanoacrylate type glues for construction. 

The cocking mechanism is closer to the Mauser C96 than the Walther P.08 in that it utilises a bolt rather than a slide.

The kit as it would have been originally boxed ...

The model ...

Some close ups ...

The instructions ...

I have some other LS model pistols in various states of brokenness which I intend to attempt to put back together, but these will be purely static models as the mechanisms on them will be no longer functional.

I also have a few 'Pirate Pistols' to build which are far less complicated, but nicely ornate.  I built these originally in the mid 70s, but they were long since broken and thrown out.

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